Preview_Governors Key Budget Policy Choices 2019-01 February 26, 2021 Comparing the governor, Senate, House, and conference budget proposals to the budget signed in fall 2020 Click image for pdf House and Senate budget negotiators have submitted their proposed changes to the 2020-2022 budget (FYs 2021 and 2022). Click here or on the image for a summary level assessment of certain key changes and other noteworthy information proposed by the governor, House, Senate, and conference committee compared to the current budget (Chapter 56, as approved during the fall 2020 special session).
Heres how PPP and conformity works February 17, 2021 Under the federal Consolidated Appropriations Act that was signed into law in late December, the federal government is providing additional federal tax deductions on top of the existing tax exemption related to tax-exempt Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness. This creates a double tax benefit. Fully allowing the tax benefit at the state level would provide a large “double-dipping” tax break for many big businesses in the name of helping small businesses.
Fines_fees_Quintile Analysis_rising_660x320_Full-Print copy January 14, 2021 by Phil Hernandez, Laura Goren, and Chris Wodicka Get the report (pdf) Introduction The fundamental role that Virginia’s courts play to advance justice, treat people fairly, and promote rehabilitation is made complicated by another task: raising revenue. In Virginia, court-imposed fines and fees too often set poverty traps, excessively burden Black communities, and affront basic notions of equal protection under the law.
November 12, 2020 by Kathy Mendes and Chris Duncombe Download the full report (pdf) Diverse learning environments are beneficial to all students, and especially students of color. The widespread benefits include higher academic achievement, increased likelihood of going to college, better workforce preparation, and an improved likelihood of students having the school resources that they need.

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