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The current budget options in the General Assembly provide a clear choice: invest in kids and our local schools or give corporations and the wealthy another tax break.

Budget proposals are the clearest expressions of who and what we value. Following the governor’s lead, the House is prioritizing corporations over our kids by proposing $1 billion in tax giveaways that primarily benefit profitable corporations, businesses, and the wealthy. By rejecting wasteful tax giveaways, the Senate proposed an additional $1 billion to support our students and teachers compared to the current budget.

By prioritizing kids over corporations as the Senate budget does, we could add nearly 10,000 new teacher aides, mental health professionals, and other staff in schools across the commonwealth. As teachers are leaving the profession in droves and our students face challenges exacerbated by the pandemic, we can’t afford to not invest in our students and teachers. We need to keep good teachers in schools and ensure every child in every zip code is able to reach their full potential.

Your voice matters. Tell your lawmakers to support a budget that prioritizes kids over corporations and increases funding for education as is currently included in the Senate’s proposed budget.

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