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Every child in every zip code needs a public school with full and fair funding, well-supported teachers, and nurses, counselors, and other supports that ensure they can thrive.

Virginia has the capacity to fund these priorities, but our upside-down tax code — in which the wealthiest pay the least taxes as a share of income — hinders our ability to make needed investments. 

Lawmakers can fund our collective goals, while ensuring the wealthiest among us pay their fair share, by establishing a new income tax bracket for people making over $1 million in taxable income — just 0.4% of all filers in Virginia. New estimates show that this could raise over $3 billion for the next budget, half of which would go to our public schools.

Your voice matters. Tell your lawmaker that you want the wealthy to pay their fair share so that we can invest in all of us and fully fund our schools.

Putting in your address connects you directly to your lawmakers.

We’ve provided a starting point, but be sure to personalize your email and let them know what’s important to you and your community.

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