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This is a part of TCI’s “Collective Agenda for Virginia’s Future.” Click here to start at the beginning.

No matter what we look like, where we come from, or what we do for a living, most of us want a good life for our families, dignity for our elders, and our kids to have the love, care and opportunities they need to pursue their dreams. We can build on our recent accomplishments to advance policies that create greater economic opportunity and allow families to thrive.

Together, we can

a child care worker sits with 2 babies on their lap while playing with toys
Build an Economy that Works for All of Us
a grocery store worker arranges produce
Raise the Minimum Wage
an employee at a coffee shop stands behind the counter and looks at the camera smiling
Strengthen Worker Power
an older women stands behind a little girl who is pushing a grocery cart through the store
Advance Tax Policy that Helps Families Make Ends Meet

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a female doctor speaks with a smiling female patient
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a high school graduate is surrounded and hugged by smiling family
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a female doctor speaks with a smiling female patient
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