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In the critical conversations about Virginia’s future — what issues to prioritize, what real solutions look like, and who should have the power to decide such questions — the exclusion of communities of color and those directly impacted remains the norm.

That’s why racial equity and economic justice is the driving force of our work and is at the center of what we aim to accomplish year after year: championing and shepherding new laws and policies so that everyone in Virginia can thrive, no exceptions.

This “Collective Agenda” draws from our expertise in policy and data analysis, coalition building, and — most importantly — conversations with community leaders and trusted partners to envision a future where everyone in Virginia has the resources they need to thrive and to spotlight specific state policy solutions that will help get us there. We know there is significant work left to do beyond what is included in the following pages, but we hope this can be a solid foundation to inspire readers to take action in whatever capacity they can.

We dream of a Virginia with:

a young boy holds a grocery bag full of food, another young child holds a watermelon in the background, while an adult stands further back

Greater Economic Opportunity

We are the economy, and our economy will only do well when we have the resources to thrive, such as strong wages, safe housing, and the ability to care for our children.

Safe & Healthy Communities

For our families to be healthy and our communities whole, we must remove barriers to good health and invest in the programs and services prioritized by our communities.

a female doctor speaks with a smiling female patient
a high school graduate is surrounded and hugged by smiling family

Great Public Schools for Every Student

Public schools are foundational to thriving communities. Together, we must make sure that every student in every zip code has access to a high-quality public education.

A Fair Tax Code & Ample Resources

By fixing our upside-down tax code, we can make sure those who have profited from our current system pay their fair share, and together, we can achieve our shared goals.

Two parents run with 2 young children down a field while the littlest kicks a soccer ball
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