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Creating broadly shared opportunity and prosperity relies on lawmakers choosing to invest our shared resources in the building blocks of thriving communities, such as education and health.

That’s why the state budget is a critical tool to advance policies that will meaningfully dismantle barriers for people of color and families with low incomes across the state. 

It also means shifting the way Virginia raises those resources.

Our current system is upside-down and harms Black and Latino communities, while providing wealthier, primarily white, individuals and multi-state corporations with built-in advantages. We must make sure that the wealthy and large corporations that have benefitted from this system pay their fair share so that, together, we can achieve our shared goals.

Key priorities 

  • Prioritize investing state dollars into building opportunity and dismantling barriers for people of color and people with low incomes
  • Close corporate tax loopholes and other tax preferences
  • Update the state’s income tax brackets so that those at the top are paying their fair share
  • Modernize the state sales tax to reflect a changing economy


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