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Good health is essential to thriving communities.

Yet past and present policy choices have created and maintained barriers to good health for many people in Virginia, particularly people of color. It will take deliberate policy choices to make sure people across Virginia — regardless of race, ethnicity, income, or immigration status — have access to the time and resources to care for themselves and their loved ones. Together, we’ve made significant progress in improving access to comprehensive, affordable health care through the individual ACA marketplace, connecting more people with low incomes to coverage by expanding Medicaid, and removing some barriers to health care for our immigrant neighbors. And, together, we can continue that progress.

Key priorities 

  • Assess the impact of federal and state legislation related to health insurance, Medicaid, and health care systems change on the health and economic security of people and communities in Virginia
  • Leverage mechanisms available to the state to provide more affordable and comprehensive coverage to people who access it through the individual marketplace
  • Build on the successes of Virginia’s Medicaid program to provide health coverage for low-income individuals and families, strengthen critical safety-net services, and remove barriers to coverage
  • Research and publish information on programs, policies, and innovations that can promote greater health equity in Virginia


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