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The schools where our kids learn, the roads we take to work, the hospitals where we seek care at our hardest moments – these are the foundations of our communities, and when they’re strong, we all thrive.

That’s why the state budget is a critical tool to advance policies to strengthen these foundations and dismantle upside-down funding systems, to make sure that every person in Virginia, in every zip code, knows they have great schools, great transportation, and great healthcare. Doing that is a critical part of dismantling barriers for people of color and families with low incomes across the state. 

Virginia has available resources this year in large part because we have not been adequately funding critical services, such as education, health care, and more, for years. It’s essential that we use our available resources to make generational investments such as restoring our schools and finally undoing decade-old cuts to services, while also making sure that we do it right this time so that no community is left behind. If we do this, we’ll be taking a real step toward making Virginia a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive!

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