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Every child in every zip code needs a public school with full and fair funding to make sure they can thrive.

Both chambers of the General Assembly propose transformative investments in our communities by modernizing Virginia’s outdated tax code to keep up with the economy we live in today. 

The Virginia Senate also takes a step toward tax fairness by making sure businesses do not get special treatment over everyday families through including business-to-business transactions in its “new economy” tax proposal, allowing them to make a historic $1.7 billion general fund investment in public education above what Governor Youngkin proposed in his introduced budget. Unfortunately, big corporations are using their strong lobbying influence to try to stay exempt so the changes only impact people, not corporations, risking transformative investments in our communities.

We need to tell lawmakers that we support expanding the new economy products tax changes to include corporations so that we raise the revenues we need to make strong investments in our public schools

Putting in your address connects you directly to your lawmakers.

We’ve provided a starting point, but be sure to personalize your email and let them know what’s important to you and your community.

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