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Tell your Virginia Delegate and Senator to support funding to increase school support staff, partially lifting the arbitrary cap that was imposed in 2009.

Every student deserves a safe and healthy school environment where they are supported academically, socially, and emotionally. Support staff play a critical role in addressing the barriers that students face so that they can focus on and engage in learning. Yet lawmakers put a “cap” on how much they would invest in school support staff. As a result, the state has underfunded these critical positions for well over a decade, denying adequate support to students. 

This legislative session, the Senate budget includes funding to partially lift the support cap and provide more critical support staff in our K12 schools. 

Please let your Senator and Delegate know that you support funding for more school support staff, as was recommended by the Virginia Board of Education. Providing more support staff will help alleviate the challenges that schools face and provide students with the resources necessary for a quality education.

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