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September 26, 2014

School Funding, Part II: Division Fact Sheets

Since the recession, state spending on K-12 education in Virginia has not kept up with inflation and rising student needs. And many local school divisions are feeling the pinch. 

These updated infographics show key facts and figures in an easy-to-read format on some of Virginia’s school divisions, many of which are grappling with higher poverty and increasing enrollment at a time when state funding isn’t going as far as it once did. 

That has left many of these schools leaning more and more on their local governments for funding at a time when local governments are struggling too. In fact, the budget agreement that sailed through the General Assembly earlier this month cut $60 million in support for localities over the next two years.  

Virginia’s future prosperity relies on important investments in our workforce.  And that starts with giving every child access to a good education. 

That means that lawmakers looking for a way to create growth and opportunity for Virginians need to look no further than our state’s K-12 schools. 

–Mitchell Cole, Research Assistant

The Commonwealth Institute

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