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April 19, 2017

Immigrant Demographic and Economic Indicators for Select Legislative Districts in Virginia

The profiles linked below provide demographic and economic indicators for immigrants in select legislative districts across the state, including many in Northern Virginia. Only legislative districts with significant immigrant populations were selected in order to control for errors in data reporting. Click on the legislative district below for a pdf of that district’s profile. (Note: Similar analysis of congressional districts was produced in 2013.)

Virginia House of Delegates Virginia Senate
HD 2Prince William; Stafford SD 12Hanover; Henrico
HD 10Clarke; Frederick; Loudoun SD 13Loudoun; Prince William
HD 13Manassas Park City, Prince William SD 29Manassas City; Manassas Park City; Prince William
HD 32Loudoun SD 30Alexandria City; Arlington; Fairfax
HD 34Fairfax; Loudoun SD 31Arlington; Fairfax; Loudoun
HD 35Fairfax SD 32Arlington; Fairfax
HD 36Fairfax SD 33Fairfax; Loudoun
HD 37Fairfax City; Fairfax SD 34Fairfax City; Fairfax
HD 38Fairfax SD 35Alexandria City; Fairfax; Falls Church City
HD 39Fairfax SD 36Fairfax; Prince William; Stafford
HD 40Fairfax; Prince William SD 37Fairfax
HD 41Fairfax SD 39Alexandria City; Fairfax; Prince William
HD 42Fairfax   
HD 43Fairfax   
HD 44Fairfax   
HD 46Alexandria City   
HD 47Arlington   
HD 48Arlington; Fairfax   
HD 49Arlington; Fairfax   
HD 50Manassas City; Prince William   
HD 52Prince William   
HD 53Fairfax; Falls Church City   
HD 67Fairfax; Loudoun   
HD 73Henrico   
HD 86Fairfax; Loudoun   
HD 87Loudoun; Prince William   


Levi Goren

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