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March 7, 2017

Virginians in Every Congressional District Are At Risk From Affordable Care Act Repeal


With the recent release of the House Congressional plan to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it’s important to take a look at what the ACA has achieved in Virginia over the past few years and what is at stake from repealing it. Minority staff on the Committee on Energy and Commerce have put out a new report looking at the impact of the ACA in each Congressional District. Like in the rest of the country, the ACA has significantly reduced the uninsured rate in each of Virginia’s 11 congressional districts.

Some highlights from the analysis show that:

  • The drop in the uninsured rate ranges from a low of 1.8 percentage points in the 2nd district (Rep. Scott Taylor) to a high of 5.2 percentage points in the 7th district (Rep. Dave Brat).
  • An average of 34,445 Virginians have gained insurance from the Marketplace in each congressional district.
  • An average of 16,273 Virginians in each congressional district would lose the opportunity to gain coverage from Medicaid expansion if the ACA were repealed without a mechanism for Medicaid expansion in a replacement bill.

All of these gains could be in jeopardy if Congress moves forward with ACA repeal.

House DistrictU.S. RepPre-ACA Uninsured RatePost-ACA Uninsured RatePercentage Point Drop in Uninsured Since ACANumber Enrolled Through Market-placeCould Gain Coverage with
Medicaid Expansion
1Wittman, Robert J.12.3%8.9%3.4%34,50012,300
2Taylor, Scott12.7%10.9%1.8%29,80015,800
3Scott, Robert C.14.6%11.3%3.3%25,00021,700
4McEachin, A. Donald15.3%10.8%4.5%34,20021,500
5Garrett, Thomas15.3%11.9%3.4%34,90019,700
6Goodlatte, Bob15.6%12.2%3.4%30,90020,700
7Brat, Dave14.5%9.3%5.2%37,70014,000
8Beyer, Don13.7%10.6%3.1%40,60010,000
9Griffith, Morgan15.9%11.3%4.6%26,60023,600
10Comstock, Barbara12.7%8.2%4.5%39,8009,800
11Connolly, Gerald E.12.7%10.7%2.0%44,9009,900

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Chad Stewart

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