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February 1, 2024 | Megan Davis

How the Governor’s Proposed Budget Would Impact Virginia Communities

Whether we have $10 or $10 million in our bank account, we all want to live in a place where...
January 19, 2024 | Megan Davis

Digging Deeper: How the Governor’s Proposal Increases Taxes for Low-Income Families, Gives Significant Cuts to the Wealthy

When we all pitch in our fair share, we can invest in the programs and services that help everyone to...
January 18, 2024 | The Commonwealth Institute

Virginia Parents, Advocates, Elected Officials Call for Lawmakers to Advance Family-Focused Tax Policy

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia parents and elected officials joined with advocates to hold a press conference on Thursday morning and...
January 17, 2024 | Ashley Kenneth

Kenneth: Governor Youngkin’s tax package does little to help Southwest Virginia families most in need

This op-ed originally appeared in Cardinal News When Governor Youngkin unveiled his legacy budget in December — the only...
January 12, 2024 | Laura Goren

Showing Our Work: Measures and Changes in State Support for Schools

Improving support for K-12 education to help students thrive is a widely shared goal, and understanding how to measure Virginia’s...
January 10, 2024 | The Commonwealth Institute

Budget Matters: How it Works and How It Can Work For Virginia Families

Originally published July 20, 2023: Updated Jan 10, 2024 get our “budget...
January 8, 2024 | Laura Goren

How Does Virginia’s State Budget Work?

Originally published July 12, 2023: Updated Jan 8, 2024 Why the budget matters Creating broadly shared opportunity requires investing our...
December 20, 2023 | The Commonwealth Institute

Governor’s budget proposal falls short of meeting community needs, prioritizes the wealthy

Correction: A previous version of this statement said the governor’s proposal relies on $3.8 billion in one-time...
December 18, 2023 | Megan Davis

Fair Share Taxes: A Simple, Effective Solution to Invest in Our Communities

Whether we have $10 to our name or $10 million, we all want to live in a state with good...
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